CASIO WATCH+ Ver 1.0 Setup GuideSTB-1000 × iPhone

* An iOS 7.0.4 iPhone is used for explanations in this guide.

Phone Finder

Phone Finder
Sound setting
  1. 1Sound list

    For selection of the Phone Finder sound.
  2. 2Volume

    Adjusts the Phone Finder volume level.
  3. 3Music

    Displays music stored in iPhone memory.
  4. 4Preset Sounds

  5. 5Music in iPhone memory currently selected for Phone Finder.

    * Swiping this name displays a delete button.

Exit the Control Mode to use the Phone Finder feature. Phone Finder is disabled while the watch is in the Control Mode.

[Toggling between Control Mode and Normal Mode]

Hold down the watch's lower left button for about two seconds.

Using the Watch to Search for Your Phone

Hold down the watch's upper right button.

Pressing the watch's [FIND] button will cause the linked iPhone to emit a tone to help you locate it. Click here for the Phone Finder watch operation.

The Phone Finder operation causes iPhone to emit its paging tone at a loud volume, regardless of its current manner mode setting and volume level setting. Because of this, you should never perform the Phone Finder operation while listening to iPhone audio output over head phones.

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