Module No. 5625

Solar Charging

This watch runs on power supplied from a rechargeable (secondary) battery that is charged by a solar panel. The solar panel is integrated into the face of the watch, and power is generated whenever the face is exposed to light.

Charging the Watch

When you are not wearing the watch, put it in a location where it is exposed to bright light.


While you are wearing the watch, make sure that its face (solar panel) is not blocked from light by the sleeve of your clothing. Power generation efficiency is reduced even when the face of the watch is blocked only partially.


Remaining Charge and Dead Battery

You can determine if the charge level is low by checking the hand movement. Functions become disabled as battery power goes low.

Low Battery Power

The second hand jumps at two-second intervals.


Dead Battery

All hands and the day indicator are stopped.


Charging Time Guidelines

The table below shows guidelines for approximate charging times.

Charging Times Required for 1 Day of Operation

Light Intensity

Approximate Charging Time



8 minutes


30 minutes


48 minutes


8 hours

Charge Recovery Times

Light Intensity

Approximate Charging Time

Charge Level 1

Charge Level 2



2 hours

21 hours


5 hours

77 hours


8 hours

124 hours


76 hours


Charge Level 1:

Time from dead battery until watch operation starts.

Charge Level 2:

Time from watch operation start until a full charge.

Light Intensity

Sunny day, outdoors (50,000 lux)

Sunny day, near a window (10,000 lux)

Overcast day, near a window (5,000 lux)

Indoor fluorescent lighting (500 lux)

Power Saving

If the watch is not moved for about one hour, the connection with your phone will be terminated and the watch will enter Level 1 power saving.

Also, leaving the watch in a dark location for about one hour between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. will cause the second hand to stop, and the watch will enter Level 2 power saving. If the watch is left in this condition for six or seven days, all hands will stop and the watch will enter Level 3 power saving.

Level 1:

Except for communication with a phone, watch functions are operational.

Level 2:

Basic timekeeping functions are operational.

Level 3:

Only the day indicator is operational.

Recovering from Power Saving Operation

  • Use one of the operations below to exit power saving.
  • Press any button.
  • Perform some crown operation.
  • Angle the watch towards your face.
  • To go from Level 2 or Level 3 power saving to Level 1 power saving, place the watch in a brightly lit location.