Module No. 5623


Accuracy at normal temperature:

±15 seconds per month average when time adjustment by time calibration signal reception or by communication with a phone is not possible.


Hour, minute (5-second hand movement), second, day (Full Auto Calendar 2000 to 2099), day of the week

Signal Receive Functions:

Auto receive, manual receive

Auto transmitter selection (for JJY, MSF/DCF77)

Receivable Call Signs

JJY (40kHz/60kHz), BPC (68.5kHz), WWVB (60kHz), MSF (60kHz), DCF77 (77.5kHz)

OFF: Signal receive disabled

Dual Time:

Hour, minute, 24-hour

27 time zones

Auto summer time setting

Home City/World Time City swapping

Tide Graph:

Tide level/high tide time selection


Measuring unit: 1 second

Measuring capacity: 23:59’59” (24 hours)


Setting units: Hours, minutes

Beeper: 10 seconds


Setting unit: 1 minute

Countdown range: 24 hours

Measuring unit: 1 second

10-second beeper when the end of the countdown is reached

Diving Function:

Dive time measurement: Up to two hours (1-second units)

Surface interval display: Up to 24 hours

Log memory: 30 records (dive start and end dates and times, or surface start and end dates and times)

Mobile Link:

Auto Time Correction

Phone finder

Watch operation sounds the alert sound of the phone.

World Time

Current time for a selection of approximately 300 cities
Home Time/World Time swapping

Auto summer time setting

Automatic switching between standard time and summer time

Tide Graph (6 levels)

Information on approximately 3,300 global locations

Timer Settings

Alarm Settings

Hand alignment correction

Data Communication Specifications


Frequency Band: 2400MHz to 2480MHz

Maximum Transmission: 0 dBm (1 mW)

Communication range: Up to 2 meters (depends on environment)


LED light (Super Illuminator, afterglow)

Power Saving

Auto hand alignment correction

Hand Shift

Power Supply:

Solar panel and one rechargeable battery

Approximate Battery Life:

Approximately 5 months


Not exposed to light under the conditions below.

  • Bluetooth connection time: 10 hours/day
  • Alarm: Once (10 seconds)/day
  • Illumination: Once (3 seconds)/day
  • Second hand sleep: 6 hours/day
  • Diving: 3 dives/month
  • Dive time measurement: 45 minutes/dive
  • Surface interval measurement: 15 minutes/dive
  • Illumination: 6 seconds (3 seconds x 2)/dive

Note that battery operating time is reduced by illumination conditions, dive time duration in the Dive Mode, and Bluetooth connection time.*

* Bluetooth connection time

  • 16 hours/day: Approximately 4 months
  • 18 hours/day: Approximately 3 months

Specifications are subject to change without notice.