Module No. 5544

Signal Reception Precautions

  • When the watch is unable to adjust its time in accordance with a calibration signal for some reason, average timekeeping accuracy is within ±15 seconds per month.
  • Note that an internal decoding process the watch performs after it receives a signal may cause the time setting to be slightly off (by less than one second).
  • Time calibration signal reception is not possible under the conditions described below.
  • While battery power is low
  • While in the Stopwatch Mode
  • At Power Saving Level 2
  • While the crown is pulled out
  • While the Home City setting is one where time signal reception is not possible
  • While the watch is outside the time signal reception range
  • As of January 2018, China does not observe summer time. If China starts to observe summer time in the future, the time displayed by the watch for China may not be correct.