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The table below explains some of the terminology used in this manual.

This term: Means this:
phone An iPhone5S, iPhone5C, or iPhone5 mobile phone that communicates with the watch.
Timekeeping Mode, Setup Mode Watch modes. Refer to the "User's Guide for Watch Functions" for full details.
Bluetooth Communication standard for short distance wireless communication.
This watch uses Bluetooth® v4.0.
Pairing Registration of the watch and phone with each other so Bluetooth communication can be performed between them. Your watch can store pairing information for up to 10 phones.
Note that the watch can be connected with only one phone at a time. Pairing is an operation that prepares the watch and the phone for connection with each other. It is not the actual connection between the watch and phone for data communication.
connection The watch is "connected" to a phone when they are linked by a wireless connection for data communication. Whenever the watch is connected with a phone, it will have a Bluetooth icon () on its display. The Bluetooth icon is not displayed if the watch is not connected with a phone.
Auto Reconnection If the connection between the watch and phone is lost, the watch will attempt to reconnect if certain conditions are satisfied. For more information, see "Auto Reconnection".
double-tap Tapping the center of the watch face lightly with the pad of your finger, twice in succession. See "Tap Operations".
notification The phone informing the watch using Bluetooth communication that some event (incoming call, mail message receive, phone alarm, etc.) occurred on the phone.
alert Watch tone, vibration, and/or display to let you know that a notification of some event was received from the phone. The watch will also perform an alert operation for watch alarms and other watch-based events that are independent of phone notifications.

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