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Mobile Link Function Precautions

Legal Precautions

  • This product complies with or has received approval under radio laws in various countries and geographic areas. Use of this product in an area where it does not conform to or where it has not been approved under applicable radio laws may be punishable under local laws. For details, see the separate "List of Countries and Geographic Areas where Product Conforms to Radio Laws or Has Been Approved".
  • Use of this product inside of an aircraft is restricted by the aviation laws of each country. Be sure to obey instructions provided by flight personnel concerning use of devices such as this product.

Precautions when Using Mobile Link Functions

  • Keep the phone close to (within about two meters of) the watch during use. Objects (walls, furniture, etc.) and/or the structure of the building you are in can greatly reduce the communication range.
  • Communication may also be affected by other equipment (electrical equipment, AV equipment, OA equipment, etc.) An operating microwave oven in particular can affect communication and even make communication impossible. Use of this watch may also cause interference in TV or radio reception, and disturb video images.
  • Since the Bluetooth function of this watch uses the same frequency band (2.4 GHz) as wireless LAN devices, its use in proximity of a LAN device may cause radio interference, slow down the data rates of the watch and other nearby wireless LAN devices, and cause signal noise and connectivity problems.

Disabling Signal Emission from the Watch

The Bluetooth icon () on the watch display, either flashing or not flashing, indicates that the watch is emitting radio signals.

When you are in a hospital, an aircraft, or anywhere else where the use of radio signals prohibited, you can disable the emission of signals by holding down the watch's D button for about two seconds in the Timekeeping Mode. This will also cause the Bluetooth icon to disappear from the watch display.



When the control indicator is displayed, the watch is in the Control Mode. In this case, hold down the B button for about three seconds to exit the Control Mode and then disable Bluetooth (Bluetooth icon disappears).

In the Control Mode

After the Control Mode
is exited

There is no connection between the watch and phone when the Bluetooth icon is not on the display. For more information, see "Disabling Bluetooth on the Watch".

Power Saving Precautions

Power Saving is enabled under initial factory default settings.

When Power Saving is enabled, the watch will automatically enter a Power Saving state (return to the Timekeeping Mode, Power Saving icon flashing on the display) if the watch is not moved or if you do not perform any button operation for about two hours.
If the watch is connected to a phone when it enters the Power Saving state, the connection will be dropped.

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