Handling and Care

What needs to be done for regular user maintenance?
You wear the watch next to your skin, just like clothing. Always keep it clean. To ensure the watch performs at the level for which it is designed, keep it clean by frequently wiping with a soft cloth to keep your watch and band free of dirt, sweat, water and other foreign matter.
Whenever the watch is exposed to sea water or mud, rinse it off with clean fresh water.
For a resin band, wash with water and then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Note that sometimes a smudge like pattern may appear on the surface of a resin band. This will not have any effect on your skin or clothing. Wipe with a cloth to remove the smudge pattern.
Not operating button for long periods can lead to later operation problems. Periodically press buttons to maintain proper operation.

Problems Caused by Poor Watch Care
  • Though the stainless steel used for the watch is highly rust-resistant, rust can form if the watch is not cleaned after it becomes dirty.
    Dirt on the watch can make it impossible for oxygen to come into contact with the metal, which can lead to breakdown of the oxidization layer on the metal surface and the formation of rust.
  • Rust can cause sharp areas on metal components and can cause band pins to fly out of position or to fall out. If you ever notice any abnormality immediately stop using the watch and take it to your original retailer or to an authorized CASIO service center for (paid for) repair.
  • Even if the surface of the metal appears clean, sweat and rust in crevasses can soil the sleeves of clothing, cause skin irritation, and even interfere with watch performance.
Premature Wear
  • Leaving sweat or water on a resin band or storing it an area subject to high moisture can lead to premature wear, cuts, and breaks.
Skin Irritation
  • Individuals with sensitive skin or in poor physical condition may experience skin irritation, and should frequently clean the watch and band. Should you ever experience a rash or other skin irritation, immediately remove the watch and contact a skin care professional.

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