What is the zoom range of a map that is used offline (offline map)?
The supported zoom levels of an offline map depend on the size of the map area you download. Refer to the information below for an idea of the map area you should specify to suit the purpose of your outdoor activity.

The screen image that will actually be downloaded is indicated by a blue band at the bottom. Use the [+] and [-] buttons on the right side of the screen to specify the area you want to download.
Downloaded map data can also be used by the Location Memory app.

* Download of extremely wide range (continent, etc.) map data is not supported.
* The allowable download range of a map depends on the geographic area.
* There is a total of up to seven zoom levels.
* Due to data capacity requirements, there are only two zoom levels for satellite view images.
* The area of the map that is downloaded is basically that of the range displayed by the download screen. However, the actual downloaded data may cover a wider area.
* To use the map download function, your CASIO apps must be updated to their latest versions. Details here.

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