Can GPS be used anywhere for positioning?
Your current location greatly influences your ability to obtain GPS information. You may experience GPS signal reception problems in the areas like the ones described below.
In extreme conditions, you may not be able to receive GPS signals at all.
  • Where the view of the sky above is narrow or where there is no view of the sky above
  • Near trees or buildings
  • Near a train station, airport, or other congested locations, or in locations where there is heavy traffic and radio wave interference
  • Near railway aerial wires, high-voltage lines, TV towers, etc.
  • Underground, in a tunnel, or underwater
  • Indoors (Reception may be possible near a window.)
  • Near wireless communication equipment or other devices that generate electromagnetic waves.

GPS satellites are in constant motion, so your location, the time of day, or other factors may cause a delay in the positioning operation or may even make positioning impossible.

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