Pairing Settings

What should I do when I changed my phone to a new model?
Release pair setting with the previous phone on the watch and configure settings to pair with the new.

Watch Operation
(1) If you want to retain daily location information stored in Location Memory, export the logs you want to save. Location Memory > Settings > Export > Output as KML file

(2) Releasing pair setting on the watch.
Settings > System > Disconnect & reset

Phone Operation
(3) Download the Wear OS by Google app to the new phone from the Google Play store or App Store.

ANDROID APP ON Google play

Download on the App Store

Pairing Settings
(4) Follow the instructions of the startup guide to configure setting for pairing the watch with the phone.

This operation will delete installed watch faces and apps, and clear watch settings. You will need to re-install and configure settings as required.

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