Module No. 5678


This watch runs on power supplied from a rechargeable (secondary) battery that is charged by a solar panel. The solar panel is integrated into the face of the watch, and power is generated whenever the face is exposed to light.

Charging the Watch

When you are not wearing the watch, put it in a location where it is exposed to bright light.


While you are wearing the watch, make sure that its face (solar panel) is not blocked from light by the sleeve of your clothing. Power generation efficiency is reduced even when the face of the watch is blocked only partially.



Depending on light intensity and local conditions, the watch may become hot to the touch when exposed to light for charging. Take care to avoid burn injury after charging. Also, avoid charging the watch under high-temperature conditions like the ones described below.

On the dashboard of a vehicle parked in the sun

Near an incandescent light bulb or other source of heat

Under direct sunlight or in other hot areas for long periods

The display panel may become black (or white, depending on the LCD type) under very high temperatures. This is temporary, and the display will return to normal at lower temperatures.

Checking the Charge Level

A display indicator shows the watch’s charge level when you enter the Timekeeping Mode.


The display will show charge levels 4 and 5, even if the watch is not in the Timekeeping Mode.

Charge Level 1: Good

All functions enabled.


Charge Level 2: Good

All functions enabled.


Charge Level 3: Low

The functions below are disabled. Also, the second hand jumps at two-second intervals.

Time signal reception

Compass, altitude, barometric pressure, temperature measurements

Face illumination

Sounds (alarms, etc.)


Charge Level 4: Low

Battery charge is lower than Level 3, and all functions are disabled. Also, all hands are stopped.


Charge Level 5: Dead

All hands are stopped and digital displays are blank. Memory data is lost, and watch settings are returned to their initial factory defaults.


Should the battery go low or go dead, expose the face (solar panel) to light as soon as possible.


If [RECOVER] is flashing on the display, it means that all functions are disabled due to momentary battery power consumption.

Exposing the watch face to light after the battery goes dead causes the [CHARGE] indicator to appear. This indicates charging has started.

Charging Time Guidelines

The table below shows guidelines for approximate charging times.

Charging Times Required for 1 Day of Operation

Light Level (Lux)

Approximate Charging Time


8 minutes


30 minutes


48 minutes


8 hours

Charge Recovery Times

Sunny day, outdoors (50,000 lux)

Dead battery arrowR Medium charge

3 hours

Medium charge arrowR High charge

22 hours

High charge arrowR Full charge

6 hours

Sunny day, near a window (10,000 lux)

Dead battery arrowR Medium charge

7 hours

Medium charge arrowR High charge

84 hours

High charge arrowR Full charge

23 hours

Overcast day, near a window (5,000 lux)

Dead battery arrowR Medium charge

10 hours

Medium charge arrowR High charge

136 hours

High charge arrowR Full charge

37 hours

Indoor fluorescent lighting (500 lux)

Dead battery arrowR Medium charge

119 hours

Medium charge arrowR High charge


High charge arrowR Full charge



Actual charging time depends on the charging environment, watch settings, and other factors.

Power Saving Function

Leaving the watch in a dark location for about one hour between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. will cause the display to go blank, and the watch to enter Level 1 power saving. If the watch is left in this condition for six or seven days, the watch will enter Level 2 power saving.

Power Saving Level 1:

The second hand stops at 12 o’clock and the digital display goes blank to save power.

Power Saving Level 2:

All hands stop and the digital display goes blank to save power. All functions are disabled.

Recovering from Power Saving Operation

Use one of the operations below to exit power saving.

Press any button.

Move the watch to a bright location.

Trigger auto light by angling the watch towards your face.


The watch will not enter power saving in the cases below.

While in the Stopwatch Mode

While in the Timer Mode

While the barometric pressure change indicator is displayed

You can enable or disable Power Saving.

Note that the watch also may enter power saving if its face is blocked from light by your sleeve while you are wearing it.