Module No. 5678

Mode Overview

Timekeeping Mode

In this mode, the digital display shows the current day of the week, month, and day.
You can also use (D) to scroll display contents through the items below.

Barometric pressure graph, month, day

Hour, minute, second


Altimeter Mode

Use this mode to take an altitude reading for your current location.

  1. Altitude differential/current time seconds

  2. Altitude graph

  3. Altitude

Compass Mode

Use this mode to take direction and bearing angle readings.

  1. North indication

  2. Bearing at 12 o’clock

  3. Bearing angle at 12 o’clock

Barometer Mode

Use this mode to take barometric pressure readings at your current location.

  1. Barometric pressure differential/current time seconds

  2. Barometric pressure graph

  3. Barometric pressure

Thermometer Mode

Use this mode to take temperature readings at your current location.

  1. Temperature

Altitude Record Recall Mode

Use this mode to view altitude records.

  1. Number of the record displayed last time the Altitude Record Recall Mode was used

Stopwatch Mode

Use this mode to measure elapsed time.

  1. Stopwatch hours

  2. Stopwatch minutes

  3. Stopwatch seconds

  4. Stopwatch: 1/100 second

Timer Mode

Use this mode to countdown from a desired start time.

  1. Timer minutes

  2. Timer seconds

Alarm Mode

The watch will beep when an alarm time is reached.

  1. Alarm number

  2. Alarm or hourly time signal status (on/off)

  3. Alarm hour/minute

World Time Mode

You can view the current time in 29 cities and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time.

  1. City Codes (World Time Codes)

  2. World Time City current time

  3. Home City time

Receive Mode

With this mode, you can receive a time signal manually.

  1. Receive level indicator