Reception Guide

Watch Battery

If the watch's battery goes dead, expose the face (solar panel) to continuous light for a while to charge it.

Exposing the watch to about a half a day of sunlight each week is recommended for stable performance.

  • ● Should battery go low or go dead, expose the face (solar panel) to light as soon as possible.
  • ● If the watch is not exposed to light for long periods, it will eventually stop.
  • ● If the watch stops due to low power, it will need to be exposed to light for a long time before operation restarts.
  • ● The watch's battery will not charge if the watch's temperature is less than approximately -10℃ or greater than approximately 60℃.


Watch Battery
This watch uses a special secondary battery.

  • ● Over-discharge will occur if the watch is not charged within approximately three months after it stops operation due to low battery power. Charging may not be possible after over-discharge occurs.
  • ● Regular periodic replacement is not required. However, charging and discharging of the battery over the years leads naturally to a reduction in its ability to sustain a charge and shortens its operating time.
  • ● If the operating time provided by a charge becomes short or if the battery does not hold a charge, contact your original retailer or CASIO service center.

Get CASIO Service Center information.

Time Until Watch Operation Stops

Following a full charge, with no more charging: Approximately 7 months
Starting from an insufficient charge: Approximately 20 days

Low Charge and Dead Battery Indications

The charge level of the watch's battery is indicated by watch hand movement.

  • Dead battery

    All hands stopped at 12 o'clock. Day indicator shows 1.

  • Charging started

    Exposing the watch face to light after the battery goes dead will cause the second hand to move counterclockwise until it stops at second 57. This indicates charging has started.
    You should charge the watch whenever the second hand starts to jump at one-second intervals.

  • Over-discharge

    Second hand stopped at 12 o'clock after continual exposure of the watch face to light for some time.

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