Module No. 5682

Sudden Barometric Pressure Change Indications

Whenever the watch detects a significant change in air pressure readings (due to sudden ascent or descent, or to the passage of a low pressure or high pressure area), it will beep to let you know. An arrow will also flash on the display at this time if the watch is in the Barometer Mode, or if it is in the Timekeeping Mode with the barometric pressure graph displayed. The arrow that appears shows the direction of the pressure change. These alerts are called “Barometric Pressure Change Indications”.

This indicator:

Means this:


Sudden drop in pressure


Sudden rise in pressure


Sustained rise in pressure, shifting to a fall


Sustained fall in pressure, shifting to a rise


To ensure correct barometric pressure change indicator operation, enable it in a location where the altitude is constant (such as a lodge, camp area, or on the ocean).

A change in altitude causes a change in air pressure. Because of this, correct readings are impossible. Do not take readings while ascending or descending a mountain, etc.

  1. Enter the Barometer Mode.

  2. Hold down (D) for at least two seconds.

  3. If this turns on barometric pressure change indication, [INFO ON] will stop flashing and then the [BARO] indicator will appear on the display.

  4. To disable barometric pressure change indication, hold down (D) again for at least two seconds.


If Barometric Pressure Change Indications are on, barometric pressure readings are taken every two minutes even while the watch is not in the Barometer Mode.

The Barometric Pressure Change Indication becomes disabled automatically 24 hours after it is enabled.

You will not be able to turn on barometric pressure change indication if the watch’s battery level is low.

Low battery power will also cause barometric pressure change indication to turn off automatically.