Module No. 5678

Recording Altitude Readings

Use the procedure below to record altitude measurements manually. Auto measurements are also recorded automatically.

Use the Altitude Record Recall Mode to view or delete records.

Recording Altitude Data Manually

  1. Enter the Altimeter Mode.

  2. Hold down (A) for at least two seconds until [REC] stops flashing on the display.

  3. This records the current altitude, date, and time.

    There is enough memory to hold up to 30 altitude records.

    Recording altitude data when there are already 30 records in memory automatically deletes the oldest record to make room for the new one.


Auto Altitude Data Recording

The altitude data described below is recorded automatically while the watch is in the Altimeter Mode. One record each is maintained in memory for each of these items.


High Altitude (MAX): Num_circle_5

Low Altitude (MIN): Num_circle_6

Cumulative Ascent (ASC): Num_circle_1+Num_circle_3*

Cumulative Descent (DSC): Num_circle_2+Num_circle_4*

Cumulative ascent and cumulative descent values are updated whenever there is a difference of at least ±15 m (±49 feet) from one reading to the next.


Auto recording ends when you exit the Altimeter Mode. Re-entering the Altimeter Mode restarts recording of cumulative values from where it was stopped when you last exited the Altimeter Mode.