Module No. 5678

Specifying the Altitude Measurement Unit

You can select either meters (m) or feet (ft) as the Altimeter Mode display unit.


When Tokyo (TYO) is set as the Home City, the altitude unit is fixed as meters (m) and cannot be changed.

  1. Enter the Altimeter Mode.

  2. Pull out the crown.

  3. This displays the current altitude and enters the Altitude Offset Mode.

  4. Press (B) three times.

  5. This causes [UNIT] to appear, with [m] or [ft] flashing.

  6. Rotate the crown to select an altitude unit.

  7. [m]: Meters

    [ft]: Feet

  8. Push the crown back in to complete the setting operation.


If you do not perform any operation for about two minutes after pulling out the crown, crown operations will automatically become disabled. If that happens, push the crown back in and then pull it out again.