Module No. 5658


Unpairing the watch from a phone requires both CASIO WATCHES phone app and watch operations.

Deleting Pairing Information from the CASIO WATCHES phone app

  1. phone-s Tap the “CASIO WATCHES” icon.

  2. phone-s Perform the operation shown on the phone screen to unpair.

Deleting Pairing Information from the Watch

  1. wat_s Hold down (C) for at least one second to enter the Timekeeping Mode.

  2. wat_s Hold down (A) for at least two seconds. Release the button when the name of the currently selected Home City appears on the display.

  3. This is the setting mode. The hands automatically shift out of the way for easy viewing of the display and other indicators.

  4. wat_s Press (C) twice.

  5. This causes the seconds to flash.

  6. wat_s Hold down (B) for at least three seconds. This will cause the [PAIR] and [CLR] indicators to alternate on the display. Release the button when only [CLR] is displayed.

  7. This deletes the pairing information from the watch and returns to the timekeeping display.

  8. wat_s Press (A) to return to the Timekeeping Mode.