Module No. 5658

Phone Finder

You can use phone finder to trigger a tone on the phone to make it easy to find. The tone is forced to sound even if the phone is in vibrate mode.


Do not use this function in areas where phone call tones are restricted.

The tone sounds at a high volume. Do not use this function when listening to phone output over earphones.

  1. wat_s If the watch is connected with a phone, press any button to terminate the connection.

  2. 5658_fl_BLE_disconect
  3. wat_s If the watch is in any mode besides the Timekeeping Mode, hold down (C) for at least one second to enter the Timekeeping Mode.

  4. wat_s Hold down (D) for at least three seconds. Release the button when [FIND] starts to flash at low speed.

  5. The phone will sound a tone when it establishes a connection with the watch.

    It will take a few seconds before the phone tone sounds.

  6. wat_s Press any button to stop the tone.

  7. You can press any watch button to stop the phone tone only during the first 30 seconds after it starts to sound.