Module No. 5657


Unpairing the watch from a phone requires both G-SHOCK Connected and watch operations.

Deleting Pairing Information from G-SHOCK Connected

  1. phone-s Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon.

  2. phone-s Perform the operation shown on the phone screen to unpair.

Deleting Pairing Information from the Watch

  1. wat_s Hold down (C) for at least one second to enter the Timekeeping Mode.

  2. wat_s Hold down (A) for at least two seconds. Release the button when the name of the currently selected Home City appears on the display.

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  4. wat_s Press (C) twice.

  5. This causes the seconds to flash.

  6. wat_s Hold down (B) for at least three seconds. This will cause the [PAIR] and [CLR] indicators to alternate on the display. Release the button when only [CLR] is displayed.

  7. This deletes the pairing information from the watch and returns to the timekeeping display.

  8. wat_s Press (A) to return to the Timekeeping Mode.