Module No. 5657

Getting Ready

To use your watch in combination with a phone, you first need to pair them. Perform the steps below to pair the watch with a phone.

Num_circle_1 Install the app on your phone.

To use the watch with a phone, first tap one of the links below and install the “G-SHOCK Connected” app on the phone.

G-SHOCK Connected

Num_circle_2 Configure Bluetooth settings.

Enable the phone’s Bluetooth.


For details about setting procedures, see your phone documentation.

Num_circle_3 Pair the watch with a phone.

Before you can use the watch in combination with a phone, you first need to pair them.

  1. Move the phone to be paired with close to (within one meter of) the watch.

  2. phone-s Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon.

  3. wat_s Hold down (C) for at least three seconds until [CNCT] starts to flash. Release the button when the mode hand moves to BLE_mark.

  4. phone-s Perform the operation shown on the screen of the phone to be paired with.

  5. When a connection is established between the watch and phone, [CNCT] will stop flashing.

    If pairing fails for some reason, [ERR] will appear on the display momentarily and then the watch will return to the Timekeeping Mode. Perform the pairing procedure again from the beginning.



    The first time you start up G-SHOCK Connected, a message will appear on your phone asking if you want to enable location information acquisition. Configure settings to allow background use of location information.