Smart Outdoor Watch


First, configure the pairing setup.

Android Phone Users


Install the app required to configure the pairing setup.

On your phone, open the Google Play Store and install the Android Wear app.

  • Google Play

Android Wear

In the Google Play Store, confirm that your Google app is the latest version.
If the Google app is not installed on your phone, install it.

  • Google Play



On the watch, hold down the power button for at least two seconds to turn on power.


Tap the display.


On the screen that appears, select the language you want to use. (Example: Japanese)


Swipe the display from bottom to top until it shows information like the nearby sample screen.


On the phone, start up the Android Wear app.


On the Android Wear app screen, tap [Setup]. If the phone is already paired with other watches, tap "Add new watch".


On the Android Wear app screen, find the name of the phone (CASIO WSD-F20) and tap it.
This will display the message "Checking for updates". The update may take as long as five minutes. Please wait until it is complete.


Next, follow the instructions displayed by the Android Wear app on your phone to complete the pairing setup operation.

During the setup procedure, you will be prompted to perform a "Copy your Google Accounts to your watch" operation.
Do not skip this step. You need to copy your Google account to you phone in order to update apps and to install new apps using Play Store.

Next, configure the "Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps" on the Basic Operation Guide page.