Smart Outdoor Watch


Android, iOS Function Comparison Chart

Supported Phones

As of March 21, 2017


Smartphone with Android 4.3 or later

  • ● Confirm that the smartphone is Bluetooth® capable.
  • ● Confirm that your smartphone is one that supports installation of AndroidWearâ„¢ from GooglePlayâ„¢.
  • ● Download the AndroidWear app from GooglePlay of the country where the WSD-F10 watch was originally sold. An AndroidWear app downloaded from a source other than the appropriate GooglePlay may not operate properly.
iOS (iPhone)

Using Android Wear 1.x

One of the following models with iOS 8.2 or later: iPhone 5 or later

Using Android Wear 2.0

One of the following models with iOS 9.0 or later: iPhone 5 or later

  • ● Limited functionality when connected to iOS device.
  • ● Wi-Fi environment required for iOS connection.

Is your smartphone Android Wear compatible?

You can see if your Android phone or iPhone is compatible with Android Wear by visiting