Module No. 5698

Recording Your Current Location (TIME & PLACE)

While traveling or otherwise on the go, you can use the procedure below to record your current location, along with the time and date, on your phone. Recorded location information can be viewed on a CASIO WATCHES map while the watch is connected with your phone.

Recording Your Current Location

  1. wat_s Enter the Timekeeping Mode.

  2. wat_s When you are in the location you want to record, press (D).

  3. This records, in phone memory, the latitude and longitude of the location you are in when you press the button, along with the date and time.

    [OK] appears when registration is complete. [ERR] appears when registration fails.

    At this time the time settings of your phone and watch will be synced with each other.

Viewing a Recorded Location on a Map

  1. phone-s Tap the “CASIO WATCHES” icon.

  2. phone-s Perform the operation shown on the phone screen to view recorded location information.


You can use CASIO WATCHES to delete recorded location information.