Module No. 5682

Before Getting Started...

This section provides an overview of the watch and introduces convenient ways it can be used.

Watch Features

Solar Charging

Sunlight and artificial light generate electricity for watch operation as it charges.

Time Signal Reception

The watch receives a radio signal containing time information and uses it to keep its time setting accurate.

World Time

You can display the current time in any one of 29 cities around the globe, as well as for UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


An alarm sounds whenever a time specified by you is reached.

Digital Compass

You can use the Compass Mode to determine the direction of north, and to check your bearing to a destination.

Altitude Measurement

You can use this function to take an altitude reading at your current location.
You can record the altitude, along with the date and time of the measurement.
You can also measure the altitude differential between two points.

Barometric Pressure Measurement

You can display the current barometric pressure tendency, which helps you be on the alert for noteworthy pressure changes.

Temperature Measurement

The watch can be used to take current air temperature readings.

Viewing Altitude Records

You can view or delete records of altitude measurements.


You can use the stopwatch to measure up to 24 hours of elapsed time in units of 1/100 of a second.


Countdown from a start time specified by you. An alarm sounds when the countdown reaches zero.


This watch is not a special-purpose measuring instrument. Measurement function readings are intended for general reference only.

Whenever using the Digital Compass of this watch for serious trekking, mountain climbing, or other activities, be sure to always take along another compass to confirm readings. If the readings produced by the Digital Compass of this watch are different from those of the other compass, perform 2-point calibration of the Digital Compass to ensure better accuracy.

Compass readings and calibration will not be possible if the watch is in the vicinity of a permanent magnet (magnetic accessory, etc.), metal objects, high-voltage wires, aerial wires, or electrical household appliances (TV, computer, cellphone, etc.)

The watch’s altimeter function calculates and displays relative altitude based on barometric pressure readings produced by its pressure sensor. Because of this, altitude values displayed by the watch may be different from your actual elevation and/or sea level elevation indicated for the area where you are located. Regular calibration in accordance with the local altitude (elevation) indications is recommended.


The illustrations included in this operation guide have been created to facilitate explanation. An illustration may differ somewhat from the item it represents.