Module No. 5678

Specifying a World Time City

Use the procedure in this section to select a World Time city. If you are in an area that observes summer time, you can also enable or disable summer time.

  1. Enter the World Time Mode.

  2. Pull out the crown.

  3. This causes [CITY] to flash on the display and the second hand to move to the current Home City.

  4. Rotate the crown to move the second hand to the city code of the city you want to specify as your World Time City.

  5. This displays the current time in the city you select.

  6. Press (B).

  7. This causes [ON] or [OFF] to flash on the display.

  8. Rotate the crown to select a summer time setting.

  9. [OFF]
    The watch always indicates standard time.

    The watch always indicates summer time.

  10. Push the crown back in to complete the setting operation.


If you do not perform any operation for about two minutes after pulling out the crown, crown operations will automatically become disabled. If that happens, push the crown back in and then pull it out again.

While [UTC] is selected as the city, you will not be able to change or check the summer time setting.

Specifying UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as Your World Time City

To set UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as your World Time City, enter the World Time Mode and then hold down (A) for at least three seconds.