Module No. 5678

Setting Up for True North Readings (Magnetic Declination Calibration)

If you want the watch to indicate true north instead of magnetic north, you need to specify your current location’s magnetic declination direction (east or west) and declination angle.

The magnetic declination angle value can be set in 1° (degree) units only. Use a value that is closest to the angle you want to set.
Example: For an angle of 7.4°, set 7°.
Example: For an angle of 7°40’ (7 degrees, 40 minutes), set 8°.


Magnetic declination angles (east or west) and angle degree values for specific locations can be found on geographic maps, mountain climbing maps, and other maps that include contour lines.

  1. Enter the Compass Mode.

  2. Pull out the crown.

  3. This displays [disp_arrow_U 1].

  4. Press (B).

  5. This displays [DEC] and the current magnetic declination setting.

  6. Rotate the crown to select a magnetic declination direction and angle settings as desired.

  7. Setting range: 90° west to 90° east

    [OFF]: Magnetic north

    [E]: East declination (Magnetic north is east of true north.)

    [W]: West declination (Magnetic north is west of true north.)

    To return the setting to [OFF], press (A) and (C) at the same time.

  8. Push the crown back in to complete the setting operation.


If you do not perform any operation for about two minutes after pulling out the crown, crown operations will automatically become disabled. If that happens, push the crown back in and then pull it out again.

Magnetic North and True North

There are actually two types of north: magnetic north and true north.

Magnetic north: North indicated by the needle of a compass

True north: Direction to the North Pole

As shown in the illustration below, magnetic north and true north are not the same.



The north indicated on commercially available maps is normally true north.