Module No. 5678

Turning Off an Alarm or the Hourly Time Signal

To stop an alarm or the hourly time signal from sounding, perform the steps below to turn it off.

To have an alarm or hourly time signal sound again, turn it back on.


Indicators are displayed while any of the alarms or the hourly time signal is turned on.

The applicable indicators are not displayed while all of the alarms are turned off and/or the hourly time signal is turned off.

  1. Enter the Alarm Mode.

  2. Use (A) and (C) to scroll through alarm numbers ([AL1] to [AL5]) and the hourly time signal ([SIG]) screens until the one whose setting you want to change is displayed.

  3. 5678_43_ALM
  4. Press (D) to turn off the displayed alarm or the hourly time signal.

  5. Each press of (D) toggles between ON and OFF.

    Turning off all alarms causes [ALM] (alarm) to disappear from the display, while disabling the hourly time signal causes [SIG] (hourly time signal) to disappear from the display.



If [ALM] (alarm) is still displayed, it means that another alarm is still turned on. To turn off all of the alarms, repeat steps 2 and 3 until the [ALM] (alarm) indicator is no longer displayed.