Module No. 5674

Battery Replacement

Leave battery replacement up to your original retailer or authorized CASIO service center.

Have the batteries replaced only with the type specified in the “Specifications”. Use of a different battery type can cause malfunction.

When replacing the batteries, also request a check for proper water resistance.

Ornamental resin components may become worn, cracked, or bent over time when subjected to normal daily use. Note that if cracking or any other abnormality indicating possible damage is noticed in a watch submitted for battery replacement, your watch will be returned with an explanation of the abnormality, without the requested servicing being performed.

Initial Batteries

The batteries that come loaded in your watch when you purchase it are used for function and performance testing at the factory.

Test batteries may go dead quicker than the normally rated battery life noted in the “Specifications”. Note that you will be charged for replacement of these batteries, even if replacement is required within your watch’s warranty period.

Low Battery Power

Low battery power is indicated by large timekeeping error, by dim display contents, or by a blank display.

Operation while battery power is low can result in malfunction. Replace the batteries as soon as possible.