Module No. 5674

World Time City Setting

Use the procedure in this section to select a World Time city. If you are in an area that observes summer time, you can also configure a summer time setting.

  1. Enter the World Time Mode.

  2. Use (B) and (D) to display the city you want to specify as a World Time City.

  3. Holding down (B) or (D) scrolls through settings at high speed.

  4. To change the summer time setting, hold down (A) for at least two seconds.

  5. Each time you hold down (A) for at least two seconds, the setting will toggle between summer time and standard time.

    [DST] appears whenever the display current time is summer time.



While the setting is being configured, the watch will exit the setting operation automatically after about two or three minutes of non-operation.

While [UTC] is selected as the city, you will not be able to change or check the summer time setting.

The summer time setting you configure is applied to the currently selected city only. It does not affect other cities.