Module No. 5658

Measuring Lap Times

  1. Enter the Stopwatch Mode.

  2. If a stopwatch timing operation is in progress, press (D) to stop it and then press (A) to reset the stopwatch to all zeros before performing the operation in step 2.

  3. Press (A) to display [LAP].

  4. Each press of (A) toggles between [SPL] (split time) and [LAP] (lap time).

  5. Use the operations below to measure elapsed time.

  6. Each time you press (A), the watch displays the time elapsed (lap time) since the last lap time operation, alternating with the stopwatch number for about eight seconds.


    Elapsed lap time is displayed in 1/100-second units for the first hour. After that, it is displayed in one-second units.

  7. Press (A) to reset the measurement time to all zeros.