Module No. 5657

World Time City Setting

Use the procedure in this section to select a World Time city. If you are in an area that observes summer time, you can also configure a summer time setting.


The initial factory default summer time setting for all cities is [AUTO]. In many cases, the [AUTO] setting lets you use the watch without switching between summer time and standard time.

  1. Enter the World Time Mode.

  2. Use (D) to display the city you want.

  3. 5657_24_WT_comon
  4. To change the summer time setting, hold down (A) for at least two seconds. Release the button when [AUTO] starts to flash.

  5. 5657_25_WT
  6. Use (D) to change the summer time setting.

  7. Each press of (D) cycles through settings in the sequence shown below.

    The watch switches between standard time and summer time automatically.

    The watch always indicates standard time.

    The watch always indicates summer time.

  8. Press (A) to exit the setting screen.

  9. Note

    While [UTC] is selected as the city, you will not be able to change or check the summer time setting.

    If you select a World Time City with the CASIO WATCHES phone app and then change to a different city with a watch operation, the CASIO WATCHES city information is deleted from the watch.