Module No. 3513


  1. Displayed while the watch is indicating summer time.

  2. Displayed during p.m. times while 12-hour timekeeping is being used.

  3. Displayed while Power Saving is enabled.

  4. Displayed when the watch is in the Sunrise/Sunset Mode.

  5. Displayed while Auto Light is enabled.

  6. Shows the current charge level.

  7. Appears when the hourly time signal is on.

  8. Shows the temperature unit being used.

  9. Displayed while the button operation tone is disabled.

  10. Displayed while the snooze alarm is turned on.

  11. Displayed while barometric pressure change indication is enabled.

  12. Shows the altitude unit being used.

  13. Shows the barometric pressure measurement unit.

  14. Displayed when an alarm is turned on.

  15. Graphic display of the altitude/barometric pressure differential.