General Performance, Recording Conditions, Memory Card

What is the difference between Ver1.0 and Ver2.0?
Note the information below.

EX-FR10 Ver 1.0 EX-FR10 Ver 2.0
Interval Snapshot
・Adds Sports Mode.
・Supports monitoring during interval recording.
・Adds shooting interval.
Movie Recording
Image stabilization
・Corrects for vertical and horizontal hand movement only.
Image stabilization
・Also corrects for hand movement in rotation direction.
Image Quality - ・Improves the Dynamic Range.
・Improves focus accuracy during face detection.
Time Lapse Movie ・Time lapse creation using day's images
(all images, all interval images, newest interval images).
・Background music (4 tracks)
・Selectable playback speed (slow, medium, fast)
Monitor Screen Quality - ・Improves brightness and vividness.
Wireless LAN Functions Wireless LAN connection with smartphone or other device without terminating connection with controller.
Image delete Supports consecutive delete of multiple images.
Highlight Score ・Supports consecutive setting of multiple scores.
Synced with camera power off
Controller also turns off.
Settable time until sleep
V1.00 controller: 25 seconds
V1.01 controller: 10minutes
Selectable: 30 seconds or 10 minutes
Special EXILIM Link app Supported versions: Ver 1.0, Ver 2.0 Supported versions: V2.0
・Supports Premium Auto
・Supports landscape display image orientation.
Approximate Battery Life Numbers of snapshots: 255shots
Actual movie recording time: 65minutes
Approximate continuous movie recording time: 75minutes
Continuous Playback: 4hours 5minutes
Numbers of snapshots: 255shots
Actual movie recording time: 60minutes
Approximate continuous movie recording time: 85minutes
Continuous Playback: 5hours
Controller screen lock
Digital Zoom Zoom enabled by holding down icon.
Highlight Photo ・Replaces Highlight Photo layout.
Highlight Movie ・Selectable images (All images, snapshots only, movies only)
Movie playback sound Can be played back through camera speaker.
Installed languages 5 (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean*)
* Installing the language replacement software replaces Korean with one of the languages below.
Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Arabian, Persian, Spanish
12 (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Arabian, Indonesian, Thai, Persian, Malaysian)
other - ・Modified Home Screen

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