Diver’s Watch Precautions(ISO 200 meters Water Resistant Watch)

Be sure to confirm the items listed below before diving.

Do not use this watch for diving if any abnormality is found.

  • All watch functions are working properly.
  • The battery is not low or dead.
  • The watch glass is not scratched, cracked, fogged, or otherwise abnormal.
  • The case and/or band is not cracked, broken or otherwise abnormal.
  • The band is securely attached to the watch

If you notice any product abnormality, stop using the watch and contact your original retailer or an authorized CASIO service center.

A diver’s watch does not guarantee the safety of the user.
The display and performance of the watch may be affected by usage conditions such as changes in atmospheric conditions and water temperature. Also use other diving equipment (pressure gauge, depth gauge, etc.) when using this watch for diving.

To maintain water resistance, it is recommended to have the gaskets of your watch replaced regularly (once every two years).
We may not accept a request for repair if the retention period of repair parts has expired.