Windows Vista® Support Status

Application Software Operation Confirmation Status

Application Name Support
32bit 32bit 64bit
Internet Data Expansion System

for PX-410R/WK-3300/3800/8000 Confirmed -
for CTK-900/WK-3200/WK-3700 *1 - -
for CTK-691/WK-3000/3100/3500 - -
for CTK-671 - -
SMF Converter

*1 Confirmed -
: Supported
: Partially supported
: Not supported
- : No plans for support
*1 For proper operation, you need to run the program Be sure to run this program as an administrator.
Click here for information about running the program as an administrator.
*2 If you plan to run SMF Converter under Windows Vista, click here to download the latest version of SMF Converter.

Driver Operation Confirmation Status

Driver Name Support Status (32bit) Support Planned (32bit) Support Planned (64bit)
USB driver *3 - -
: Supported
: Partially supported
: Not supported
- : No plans for support
*3 Both the IN and OUT devices may be displayed during MIDI device selection with the MIDI application software.
Select the appropriate IN/OUT device names.

Mistakenly selecting "IN" for an OUT device or "OUT" for an IN device when using SMF Converter will cause the "The MIDI device cannot be used." error to appear.
If this happens, perform the following operation with SMF Converter and select the correct devices:
[Selection] -> [Setup] -> [MIDI Device].

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