Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps

Update Your Apps to Their Latest Versions

In order to use all of the functionality provided by this watch, be sure to update all of your apps to their latest versions before using your watch.

  • A Wi-Fi environment is required to use an iPhone.
  1. STEP1While the watch is displaying a watch face (normal timekeeping screen, not an app screen or setting screen), short-press the power button to display the app list.

  2. STEP2Scroll the list of apps upwards or downwards until “Play Store” is displayed, and then tap it.

  3. STEP3Swipe the touch screen from top to bottom to display the Play Store menu and then tap the “My Apps” (R) icon.

    • If the above operation does not work, swipe the touch screen from bottom to top and then tap “My Apps”.
  4. STEP4If there is any app for which an update is available, its name will be shown under “Updates Available”. Tap “Update all”.

Install the CASIO “G-SHOCK MOVE” App on Your Phone

You can use the CASIO app to view training logs.
Install the “G-SHOCK MOVE” app on your smartphone.

  • You need to register a CASIO ID to use a CASIO app. Registering a CASIO ID also lets you use other online services provided by the CASIO Group.

Go here for information about CASIO IDs.

Configuring Initial Default Settings for Heart Rate Measurement

This setting is essential for calculating performance, including your heart rate zone and VO2Max.

  1. STEP1While the “DIGITAL” watch face is displayed, hold down your finger in the center of the touch screen for about two seconds.

    • This shrinks the watch face and displays below it.
  2. STEP2Tap in the following in sequence: > “Heart Rate Setting”.

    • This displays the “Heart Rate Setting” menu.
  3. STEP3Input the following in sequence: “Birth Day”, “Heart rate at rest”, “Gender”, “Height”, and then “Weight”.

  4. STEP4To quit the setting procedure and return to the watch face display, press the power button.