Leather band, Cross band

How to care

If it gets wet with water or sweat, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

The following effects can be expected by care.

Clean and comfortable use
Since the watch body and band are in direct contact with the skin, it might cause skin problems depending on the usage conditions. The dirt and sweat of the band are one of them. If you have any skin problems, stop wearing the band and consult a doctor or dermatologist.

Precautions for use

Note that if thinner, gasoline, various solvents, oils and fats or cleaners containing them, adhesives, paints, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. adhere to the band, the leather might be discolored or damaged.

If you keep the band in close contact with other products for a long time or leave it wet with other products, the color might be transferred to other products or the color of other products might be transferred to the band.

If the band is exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) for a long time or left with dirt on it, it might fade or discolor.

Some waterproof watches use leather bands by design.

Avoid using the watch with leather in places where water might directly splash such as water work or swimming.

Color might transfer or fade due to rubbing or dirt.