Metal band, composite band

How to care

If it gets wet with seawater or mud, wash it off with fresh water.
Wash the band from time to time.

Scrub a soft toothbrush with a mild detergent diluted with water or soapy water. After that, wash off the detergent components thoroughly with water and wipe off the water with a soft, hygroscopic-cloth.

When washing the band, do something such as "wrapping cling film around it" to prevent the watch head from getting wet with detergent or soapy water.

The following effects can be expected by case.

Prevents rust
The metal used in watches is resistant to rust, but dirt causes rust.
(When oxygen is cut off by dirt, the oxide film on the surface cannot be maintained and rust occurs.)

If the band rusts, sharp spots might be created on the metal part, and the pins at the joint might pop out or fall off. If you notice any defects, stop using the product and contact the store where you purchased the product or the "Repair Service Counter" for Out of warranty repair.
Even if the surface is clean, dirt and rust that adheres to the gaps might seep out, stain the sleeves of clothing, cause skin problems, and deteriorate the performance of the watch.

Clean and comfortable use
Since the watch body and band are in direct contact with the skin, it might cause skin problems depending on the usage conditions.
The dirt, rust and sweat of the band are one of them.
If you have any skin problems, stop wearing the band and consult a doctor or dermatologist.

Precautions for use