Wearing and caring for a watch

Discoloration, deterioration and dirt of resin parts (bands, cases, etc.)

If the watch is kept in close contact with clothing having various degrees of color that easily color-fades for a long time, or if it is left wet, the colors might transfer to the resin parts. Also, the color of the watch might shift to something else, so do not rub it hard.
Be especially careful when using skeleton (transparent) and light-colored resin band in close contact with chemical fiber clothing for a long time.

The color might change or fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) for a long time or left for a long time with dirt on it.
In particular, skeleton (transparent) and light-colored resin parts might discolor when absorbed by sweat or dirt or left in a hot and humid place. If you get sweat or dirt, take good care of it, such as washing it with water.
(How to care "Use the watch in a clean and dry condition. " is “here”.)

Painted parts might wear and color-fade due to usage conditions (excessive external force, continuous rubbing, impact, etc.).

If the band has a print, rubbing the printed part strongly might cause the other parts to become colored.

If thinners, gasoline, various solvents, oils and fats or cleaners containing them, adhesives, paints, chemicals, sunscreen creams, cosmetics, etc. adhere to them, the resin case and resin band may be discolored or damaged. please note.

Depending on the usage and storage environments of the watch it might deteriorate, cut or crack due to daily use or long-term storage, so after use, wash it with water and take care of it frequently.
(How to care "Use the watch in a clean and dry condition. " is “here”.)