Wearing and caring for a watch

Be careful about skin troubles(sensitivity) when using

Since the watch case and band are in direct contact with the skin, it might cause skin problems depending on the conditions of use.

(1)Allergies to metal and leather
(2)Dirt, rust, sweat, etc. on the body and band
(3)Physical condition at the time of use

Allergic substance: Metal parts used in watch cases, bands, etc. might contain components such as nickel, chrome, zinc, and copper. In addition, leather parts may contain a chromium component. It is unlikely that this ingredient will leak out of the part, but if you have allergies or hypersensitivity, be careful when wearing it.

Tightening the band makes it easier for skin problems to occur due to excessive rubbing against the skin and the effects of sweat.
Make sure that the band has enough room for one finger.
Always use your watch in a clean condition by referring to "Use the watch in a clean and dry condition ".
Also, note that wearing a watch with the following chemicals or liquids might cause skin problems.

Examples of chemicals and liquids that may cause skin problems
 ・Salt water / seawater
 ・Soap, hand soap, body soap
 ・Household detergent / dishwashing detergent
 ・Lotion, oil, cream (sunscreen, moisturizer, etc.)
 ・Sterilization liquid, antiseptic solution, wet wipes
 ・Hair dye
 ・Insect repellent / insect repellent spray

When holding or touching an infant, take sufficient precautions such as removing the watch to prevent their skin problems caused by the infant's injury or allergies.

Should you experience any skin problems, discontinue use and consult a doctor or dermatologist.