Precautions for handling AC adapters for electronic musical instruments

Thank you for your continued patronage of our electronic musical instruments.

In order to use the AC adapter for electronic musical instruments safely for a long period of time, please handle it with care.

1.To prevent fire, malfunction, and electric shock, never use an AC adapter other than the specified one.
2.Due to long-term handling conditions, the damage to the adapter body and cord might cause smoke or malfunction.

・Do not bend the root of the cord (the cord might be damaged and smoke may be generated).

・Do not wrap the cord around the adapter body (the cord might be damaged and smoke might be generated).

・Do not pull the cord strongly (the cord or the adapter body might be damaged).

・When bundling the cords, bundle them loosely and fix them to the adapter with something like a hook and loop fastener.

・When moving the instrument body, unplug it from the outlet.
・Do not use it in a place where water drops splash or in a humid place.
・Do not cover it with newspaper or curtains
・Unplug it from the outlet when not in use for a long time.
・If a problem occurs, unplug it from the outlet immediately.

3.Precautions when using an AC adapter that has been used for a long time after purchase.
Even if there is no defect in the appearance of the AC adapter, there is a possibility that the deterioration of the internal parts is progressing, so for safety, purchase a new AC adapter without using an old one.