C-Mirroring for Android

CASIO C-Mirroring is an Android app that makes it possible to establish a network connection between an Android terminal device and network-compatible CASIO Projector, and perform mirroring projection of the Android terminal screen, image projection onto the Android terminal screen, and browser projection.
Applicable Projector Models:
Models 1: XJ-A147 / XJ-A247 / XJ-A257
  XJ-M146 / XJ-M156 / XJ-M246 / XJ-M256
  XJ-UT310WN / XJ-UT311WN / XJ-UT351WN
  XJ-F20XN / XJ-F200WN / XJ-F210WN
Models 2: XJ-S400UN / XJ-S400WN
  XJ-F211WN / XJ-F21XN
(Some models covered by this app may not be available in certain geographic areas.)

Supported Operating Systems: Android 9.0 or higher

Using CASIO C-Mirroring

Use the steps below to establish a connection between a smart device and projector with this app.
If you are already connected via a wireless LAN access point, refer to your projector's Network Function Guide.
(1) Configure projector network settings.
If applicable models 1 and establishing a direct wireless LAN connection between the projector and computer, use the projector's "Network Settings" - "Wireless LAN Settings of this unit" menu item to change the SSID of the projector to a general-purpose SSID (casiolpj0101, casiolpj0102, casiolpj0103, casiolpj0104) or to the user SSID.
(2) Switch the input source of the projector to "Network" ("Wireless" for an XJ-A Series projector).
This projects the standby screen, which shows network information.
(3) On the smart device, select the desired access point with "Settings" - "Wi-Fi" and establish a connection.
(4) Start up CASIO C-Mirroring.
(5) On the home screen, select the function you want and execute it.
(6) When you want to project with the projector, tap the Play button.
When a connectable projector is found, select it.
If a connectable projector isn't found, input IP address of the projector then connect to it. 


ScreenMirroring Function
Projects the smart device screen with the projector.
Photo Function
Projects smart device images (JPG, PNG) with the projector.
Browser Function
Uses the application's built-in web browser to project web pages with the projector.


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Software license

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