Precaution During Use

Setup Precautions

Never use this projector in an environment where large amounts of oil smoke are present.
Hanging the projector from a ceiling or mounting it on a wall in an environment where large amounts of oil smoke are present can lead to deterioration of its resin components, and cause the projector to fall.
An environment where large amounts of oil smoke
And never use or store the projector in the following locations. Doing so creates the risk of malfunction of and damage to the projector.
Locations subjected to electrostatic charge
Locations subjected to temperature extremes
Locations where there is extreme moisture
Locations subjected to sudden temperature changes
Locations where there is a lot of dust
On a shaky, slanted, or otherwise unstable surface
Locations where there is the danger of getting wet
Locations where there is the risk of salt damage
Locations where corrosive gas (such as the sulfur gas at hot springs) is generated
Use under high ambient temperature or in environments subjected to large amounts of dust, oil smoke, tobacco smoke, or other types of smoke can shorten the replacement cycles and require more frequent replacement of the optical engine and other components. Note that you are charged for such replacement.

Cleaning the Projector

Make it a habit to clean the projector at regular intervals.
Dust and dirt tend to collect around the intake vents. Because of this, you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean away accumulated dust and dirt periodically. (about once a month)
Continued use of the projector after dust has accumulated around the intake vents can cause overheating of internal components and lead to malfunction.

Other Precautions

Even if your projector is still within the warranty period, you will be charged for repair if a problem is due to running the projector non-stop for very long periods (like 24 hours) or if the projector was set up and used without following the “Setup Precautions”.