[PC Application] Data Manager - Version 6.1

Supported Models

CTK-6000/ CTK-6200/ CTK-6250/ CTK-6300/ CTK-6320/ CTK-7000/ CTK-7200/ CTK-7300/ CTK-7320
WK-6500/ WK-6600/ WK-7500/ WK-7600
AT-3/ AT-5 /CTK-6300IN/CTK-7300IN
Data Manager 6.1 is a music data management software that you can run on your computer to perform the following tasks. 
Save Instrument data to a computer.
Copy PC data to the Instrument.
Save Audio Files to a computer.
*When you back up an Audio Files on the SD card, please save it to a computer through "Data Manager 6.1".
Operating System
Windows/Mac OS/iOS
Display Setting
Resolution:800 x 600 pixels or greater
The above minimum environment does not guarantee proper operation of this software.