[Firmware Update] PX-5S - Version 1.13

Oct. 2014

Supported Models


Download Files

Firmware: PX-5S_Updater-1_13_141001.zip (Oct.1, 2014 - Ver.1.13 107MB) Download
Additional Manual: Web_PX5S-110-E-1A.pdf (May.15, 2013 - Ver.1.10 75KB) Download

Downloading the Update Software

Click the download button.

To install the update software on your instrument

• Please save any user data to a USB flash drive if necessary.
• After the update, you need to run the “Initialize All”.
• Connect the AC adapter to this Digital Piano while you are operating the updating.
• Don’t remove the connector of AC adapter or USB flash drive from this Digital Piano during the updating.
• Don’t touch any buttons which are not necessary for update process.

1. Extract the folder you downloaded.
   Check to make sure "updater.bin" are present.

2. Copy the  firmware, "update.bin" into a USB flash drive.
   (Use USB flash drive which is formatted as FAT 32.)
   (Please put 'update.bin' into the root (top) folder of the USB flash drive.)
3. Insert the USB flash drive which mentioned in the procedure 2 into the connector of this Digital Piano.
4. Press the "POWER" button and execute "Update Firmware" in the System Setting Menu.

For more information, please read the Firmware Version 1.10 User's Manual above.