[Data] MZ-X300, MZ-X500 Expanded Data

Supported Models

MZ-X300, MZ-X500
* These files are available for only customers who purchased the instruments included in "Supported Models".
* In order to load these data, please download the updater on the following page and update your instrument.
MZ-X300 Firmware
MZ-X500 Firmware

Download Files

Release Date
Mar. 2 '16 Indonesian Rhythms Vol.1
10 Rhythms
Included in Indonesian Rhythms Vol.2
Versatile Tones Vol.1
14 Tones
Included in Firmware ver.1.31
Indonesian Instruments Vol.1
20 Tones
Apr. 6 '16 Indonesian Instruments Vol.2
15 Tones
Release Date
Download File
Supported Version
Aug. 4 '16 Indonesian Instruments Vol.3
20 Tones
IndonesianTonesVol3.zip (18.5MB) ver.1.3x -
Indonesian Rhythms Vol.2
20 Rhythms
IndonesianRhythmsVol2_MZ-X300.zip (176KB)
IndonesianRhythmsVol2_MZ-X500.zip (176KB)
ver.1.3x -
Aug. 31 '16 Indonesian Rhythms Vol.3
11 Rhythms
IndonesianRhythmsVol3.zip (99.6KB) ver.1.3x -
Oct. 31 '16 Global Rhythms Vol.1
40 Rhythms
GlobalRhythmsVol1.zip (417KB) ver.1.3x -
Mar. 22 '17 Global Rhythms Vol.2 20 Rhythms GlobalRhythmsVol2.zip (211KB) ver.1.3x -

How to download the data

Please click the download links of the data which you would like to download.
The downloaded files are compressed in zip format.

How to install the data

Please refer the user's guide for the details.