[Firmware Update] MZ-X300 - Version 1.60

Supported Models


Improvements Provided by This Update

Version 1.50 >> Version 1.60
• Addition of Am to PLAY CHORD for PATTERN RECORDER recording
• Expanded maximum number of element measures that can be created with PATTERN SEQUENCER
• Support for copying between different elements with the PATTERN SEQUENCER Part Copy and Element Copy
• Support for selection of tones other than Drums for the Drum part and Percussion part with PATTERN SEQUENCER
• Addition of items to REGISTRATION FILTER
• Other improvements in function
Version 1.40 >> Version 1.50
• Addition to the MIXER EDIT function of the pattern sequencer the ability to modify the parameter settings of all elements (Intro, Variation, Fill-in, Ending)
• Addition of the ability to delete specific recorded notes with the pattern sequencer recorder
• Addition of the ability to modify User Wave/User Inst names for Drum tones
• Addition of the ability to delete ZRA, ZAA, ZTA, ZPA, and ZAL files
• Addition of a shortcut to the user data selection screen by holding down a tone group button in the TONE area or a rhythm group button in the RHYTHM area
• Addition of a user tone wave preload function
• Modification/addition of pad playback items
• Addition of pad recording setting items
• Addition of pad phrase recording items
• Addition of the ability to playback pad phrases with dedicated parts
• Addition of the display of the recorded tone of a recorded pad phrase
• Change of behavior when pad hold is enabled
• Addition of synchronized playback of pads to which phrases and/or chord progressions are assigned
• Addition of synchronization of all pads
• Other improvements in function
Version 1.31 >> Version 1.40
・ Enhanced Audio Recorder function and new mp3 player
・ Folder data read and write support for USB flash drive operations
・ Additional user accompaniment storage capacity
・ New direct import from USB flash drive to accompaniment function
・ Enhanced quantize settings for the pattern sequencer recorder
・ New record repeat setting for the pattern sequencer recorder
・ New Tempo option for registration filter items
・ Note Preview sounds event notes when the Event Editor cursor is moved
・ New MIDI Clock output setting
・ Other improvements in function
Version 1.21 >> Version 1.31
・ Addition of variation number recording in registration memory
・ Addition of the ability to specify the number of a variation to be played after an intro
・ Addition of area number lookup when saving a registration
・ Addition of sustain pedal operation recording during pattern sequencer recording
・ Addition of selection of waveforms imported by an expansion tone for hex layer and drum tones
・ Addition of functions for tempo syncing to sample pad setting item
・ Addition of direct access shortcuts to the tone editing screen and accompaniment editing screen by holding down buttons
・ Addition of storage of externally input mixer settings
・ Addition of direct button operations for modification of tone and accompaniment selection screen settings
・ Addition of a setting to specify the initial startup screen
・ Addition of a function to rewrite MIDI data header information used by the MIDI Recorder Mode
・ Addition of a wav file loader function
・ Addition of remaining memory capacity indication
・ Addition of sample data
・ Other improvements in function
Version 1.10 >> Version 1.21
・ Addition of User Sampling Sets
・ Addition of functions to load or save all data or all pad data
・ Other improvements in function
Version 1.0x >> Version 1.10
・ Addition of a Pitch Bend Mode for Melody tones
・ Addition of a Portamento Mode for Melody tones
・ Enhanced volume adjustment function for Drawbar Organ tones
・ Addition of a Percussion Mode for Drawbar Organ tones
・ Addition of user samples to the Inst Select (instrument selection) of Drum tones
・ Addition of a Group setting for pads
・ Addition of a Package load function
・ Addition of sample data
・ Other improvements in function
For More Information, please download the User's Guide.

Download Files

Firmware: MZ-X300_updater-160.zip (Apr.24, 2018 - Ver.1.60/237MB)
User's Guide: Web_MZX500_300-160-E-1A_EN.pdf (Apr.24, 2018 - Ver.1.60/214KB)
Appendix: Web_MZX300APPEND-140-WL-1B.pdf (Nov.21, 2016 - Ver.1.40/1.1MB)

Downloading the Update Software

Click the download link.

To install the update software on your instrument

Please uncompress the downloaded zip file and refer the User's Guide.