[for Windows] Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO - Version 1.0.3

Sep 2013

Supported Models

YA-W72M / YA-W82M

Version Update History

(2013.09.18) Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO Version 1.0.3 released.
(2013.05.29) Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO Version 1.0.2 released.
(2013.04.09) Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO Version 1.0.1 released.

Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO is software that projects an image from the computer where it is running onto a dot screen, where mouse operations can be performed using a digital pen.
Carefully read the following information before downloading the software.

Version Upgrade Details :

(Version 1.0.2 >> Version 1.0.3)
* Improvement of stability.
(Version 1.0.1 >> Version 1.0.2)
* Support for Windows® 8.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows®8
Microsoft Windows®7 SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista® SP2
Microsoft Windows®XP SP3 (32bit)
Computer IBM PC/AT or compatible that conforms to the following conditions.
Windows®8/Windows®7/Windows Vista®/Windows®XP pre-installed
Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or higher CPU
At least 1GB memory as well as recommended for the operating system being used.
Display Full-color display with resolution of at least 1024x768 that is compatible with Windows®8/Windows®7/Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
* In addition to the above, the system should conform to the recommendations of
Windows®8/Windows®7/Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
* Bluetooth Version 2.0
Bluetooth adapter that supports HID (Human Interface Device) profile required.
* Operation of this software is not supported on a Macintosh or on a computer running Mac OS.
* Operation is not guaranteed on a computer running other operating system versions or an operating system that has been upgraded.
* Operation of the software is in accordance with the precautions and other user documentation that accompany it.

To download Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO

1) Click the link under "Download File" below.
2) On the save dialog box that appears, specify the folder where you want to save the downloaded file and then click the [Save] button. This will download a zipped file.

To install Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO

1) Unzip the file you downloaded.
2) Exit all other programs that are currently running on your computer.
3) Open the folder that was created when you unzipped the downloaded file and then double-click the executable (CASIO_InteractiveWhiteboardsetup.exe) file inside it.
4) Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO.
* If the computer you are using is running Windows® XP and does not have .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 or higher installed, the following error message will appear on its display at this time: “The application failed to initialize properly”.If this happens,
(1) In the “dotnet” folder located inside the “setup_en” folder, double-click “dotnetfx20.exe”.
Note: The next two steps are not required if you are running the Windows XP English version.
(2) From the Microsoft Download Center, download the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 Language Pack that matches the language of the Windows XP version your computer is running.
(3) Install the Language Pack you downloaded.
* If the computer you are using is running Windows® 8 and does not have .NET Framework 3.5,install .NET Framework 3.5 by following the instructions in the dialog boxes which are displayed.
Please be sure that the computer is connected to the Internet when you install it.

Conditions Governing Use

Be sure to observe the following conditions that govern use of the Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO software (this Software).
You are not allowed to use the Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO software unless you agree to observe these conditions governing use.
1) You are allowed to use this Software only with the CASIO models specified by "Applicable Models" above.
2) You are not allowed to distribute this Software in any way.
3) You are not allowed to reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise reduce the Software to human-readable form.
4) You are not allowed to alter the copyright of the Software in any way.
5) CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held responsible for any damages or loses suffered due to the use of this Software.
6) You assume all responsibility related to the downloading and use of this Software.

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