[for Windows] PtG2 Converter - Version

Supported Models


Supported Playback Apps

MobiShow for Android (Android 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3)
MobiShow Lite for iOS (iOS 6/7)

MobiShow for Windows Mobile is not supported.

Version Update History

(2014.10.15) PtG2 Converter released.
PtG2 Converter is special MobiShow® software for converting PowerPoint® files to PtG2 format.
Carefully read the following information before downloading the software.

Version Upgrade Details :


Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows®8/8.1 (64/32bit)
Microsoft Windows®7 SP1 (64/32bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista® SP2 (32bit)
Microsoft Windows®XP SP3 (32bit)
Computer IBM PC/AT or compatible that conforms to the following conditions.
Windows®8/8.1, Windows®7, Windows Vista®, XP pre-installed
Intel Core i3 or higher CPU or CPU recommended for operating system being used
Display Full-color display with resolution of at least 1024x768 that is compatible with Windows®8/8.1, Windows®7, Windows Vista®, XP
* In addition to the above, the system should conform to the recommendations of Windows®8/8.1, Windows®7, Windows Vista®, XP
* Normal operation may not be possible under certain system configurations.
* Operation of this software is not supported on a Macintosh or on a computer running Mac OS.
* Operation is not guaranteed on a computer running other operating system versions or an operating system that has been upgraded.
Supported PowerPoint versions: PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
One of these PowerPoint versions needs to be installed on the computer being used.

To install PtG2 Converter

1) Double-click the downloaded file.
2) This will start installation of PtG2 Converter.
3) Perform the operations as instructed by the instructions that appear on the display.
4) Successful installation will created a PtG2 Converter shortcut on your computer desktop.

Basic PtG2 Converter Operation

1) Click the PtG2 Converter icon that was created on your computer desktop by the installation.
This will display the PtG2 Converter window.
Normal display
Click the button with a red circle around it to expand the window.
2) Drop the PowerPoint file to be converted to a PtG2 file onto the PtG2 Converter window.
This will open a file selection screen.
3) Select a storage location to create the resulting PtG2 there.
While the PtG2 Converter window is expanded, you can use the displayed buttons to open a PtG2 file, and then use the play button to check its content on your computer screen.

Download File

setup_ptg2_2105.exe (2,211KB)