[PC LABEL PRINTER applications] LABEL DESIGN MAKER ( Windows 10/8.1 ) - Version 1.3.0

March 2021

Supported Models

KL-P350W / KL-G2*1

For international customers:

The "LABEL DESIGN MAKER" Application can be used to create original labels for printing on a CASIO label printer.
Please refer to the following site for further details of the specifications of the "LABEL DESIGN MAKER".

Be sure to read all the following information carefully before performing the download and using the upgrade.

  *1 To connect to the printer, a printer driver is required. The printer driver can be downloaded from here.

Improvements Provided by This Software

Version 1.3.0 ( for Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 )

User License Agreement Covering Software Download

To download and use the “LABEL DESIGN MAKER” label printer application software, you must first agree to the terms of the Software Use License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) below and those of the Privacy Policy at the end. You can only download LABEL DESIGN MAKER if you have selected [I agree].Read this agreement and the Privacy Policy and then click either [I agree] if you agree to the terms of the agreement, or [I do not agree] if you do not. Notwithstanding your intentions regarding the terms of this agreement, downloading LABEL DESIGN MAKER will be taken to indicate that you accept the terms of this agreement and of the Privacy Policy.

End User Software License Agreement

Article1 (Use License)
  Casio Computer Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Casio”) hereby grants you non-exclusive license to use this software on one (1) specific hardware device under the terms of this agreement.
Article 2 (Restrictions)
You may not reproduce, amend, modify, adapt, loan, lease, resell, distribute, publicly transmit or export this software.
You may not reverse-engineer, reverse-assemble or reverse-compile this software.
You may not sub-license the use of this software to a third part, nor may you transfer the license to use this software to a third party.
You may not remove or erase labeling or other indications showing copyright or other rights associated with this software.
Article 3 (Limitations on Liability)
This software is supplied strictly on an “as-is” basis and Casio makes no guarantees whatsoever with regard to the content of this software, the outcomes of its use, its suitability or appropriateness for a specific purpose, its functional feasibility, its freedom from data reception or transmission errors, bugs and other defects and flaws, or its non-violation of third-party intellectual property rights.
Casio accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising as a result of you downloading, installing or using this software on your hardware, label printer or on any other equipment. Nor does Casio accept liability for any other loss or damages associated with this software (including but not limited to loss of data, loss of earnings, loss or damages arising from special circumstances whether predictable or not, loss or damages claimed by third parties, or any other indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages).
Where this agreement qualifies as a “consumer contract” as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Contract Act, the above paragraph shall not apply. In such cases, where loss or damages suffered by you arises from debt default or unlawful behavior on the part of CASIO, CASIO shall be liable to compensate you for said loss or damages up to an amount limited to the maximum loss or damages directly incurred by you. However, where said loss or damages is due to gross negligence or intent on the part of CASIO, that limitation shall not apply and CASIO shall be liable to compensate you for loss or damages to the extent stipulated by the applicable legislation.
Article 4 (Copyrights)
All copyrights for this software and other intellectual property rights shall remain with CASIO or CASIO’s licensors and shall not be transferred to you.
You shall acquire only the right to use this software within the range specified in this agreement.
Article 5 (Automatic Sending of Usage Data)
This software includes a function for periodically sending data relating to your software usage environment (data specified in the Privacy Policy, hereinafter “Usage Data”) automatically to a server specified by CASIO, when this software is used in an environment connected to the internet (the environment concerned shall be prepared at your own responsibility and expense). No personal data (personally identifiable information, including information that cannot identify a specific individual on its own, but can identify a specific individual when checked against other information) shall be included in the Usage Data.
CASIO may retain and use the automatically sent Usage Data for the purpose of grasping trends in this software usage and improving CASIO products, including this software.
Article 6 (Termination of Agreement)
This agreement will terminate immediately if you infringe this agreement.
If this agreement is terminated, you must immediately stop using this software and must uninstall this software from any and all hardware on which it was installed.
Article 7 (Other)
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
In the event of a dispute arising out of this agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.
Article 3, Article 4 Paragraph 1, Article 5 Paragraph 2 and this Article shall remain in effect after termination of this agreement.
Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy specifies the data automatically sent from LABEL DESIGN MAKER (hereinafter “this software”) of CASIO COMPUTER Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “CASIO”) and the handling of such data.
1  Usage Data automatically sent by this software
  The following data (hereinafter “Usage Data”) are periodically sent automatically to a server specified by CASIO for the purpose of analyzing the status of this software usage.
  <Usage data>
  - Device information (type of device, OS version, unique device identifier, etc.)
  - Log data (this software version, frequency of use, usage status, etc.)
  - Cookie information
  * This does not include the content of printed documents.
The Usage Data are collected and analyzed using Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect the Usage Data, excluding personally identifiable information. The collected Usage Data are managed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy. For details of Google Analytics and Google’s Privacy Policy, see below.
  - Google Analytics official website : http://www.google.com/analytics/
  - Google Privacy Policy : http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/
  - Use of Usage Data by Google : http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/partners/
2  Purpose of Use
  CASIO will use the acquired Usage Data for the following purposes.
  - Measurement, survey and analysis of the status of this software usage and the results of implementation of various measures
  - This software improvement and defect response
3  Inquiries
  For inquiries regarding the handling of Usage Data, please use the form available from the URL below.
4  Changes to Privacy Policy
The content of the Privacy Policy may be changed when this software is updated. For the changed content, please refer to the Privacy Policy appended to the new version.